Røde K2 rørmikrofon

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Røde K2 rørmikrofon
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RØDE K2 er Guitaristerne.dk's studies foretruke mikrofon til stemmer. Enestående ydelse til extrem lav pris.

The RØDE K2 is the result of designing and building 1000's of valve microphones.

The K2's HF-1 capsule is the pinnacle of transducer technology. The sound quality combines modern high-end specifications with the character and subtleties of the legendary 50's mics. Infinitely variable control of the K2's polar patterns provides the freedom and flexibility to excel in any recording situation. The K2 is another example of RØDE's commitment to building quality studio microphones to meet the exacting standards demanded by today's professionals.

At the 2004 Frankfurt Music Messa, 56 of the most prestgious music industry magazines voted the K2 the "Best Studio Microphone of 2004"


  • Large capsule with gold sputtered diaphragm and internal shock mounting.
  • Ultra low noise
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Class 'A' valve circuitry
  • Hand-selected and graded 6922 twin-triode valve
  • Dedicated Power Supply
  • High strength welded and heat-treated steel mesh head
  • Durable satin nickel finish
  • Continuously variable polar patterns. From omni, through cardiod to figure 8, controlled at the power supply.

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